Have Chef Envy? Then It’s Time for a Commercial Kitchen Reno.

Whether you are starting an entirely new business; expanding by opening a new location; or updating an existing location; each commercial kitchen project should begin with thoughtful planning that leads to design that is functional. Without up-to-date appliances and an efficient layout, your commercial kitchen could slow down your commercial operation, wasting money and reducing efficiency.

The goal of any new build or renovation is to make the most of every square inch. Whether the commercial kitchen is for a restaurant, hotel, culinary school, teaching kitchen, country club, or even a nursing home or other assisted living facility—Go Pro Construction has the experience to design and custom build a space specific to your unique needs. Our plans will maximize your location’s potential, while simultaneously conforming to all your local health and safety codes.

Commercial Kitchen Planning

A commercial kitchen renovation is a large undertaking. The remodel design may take weeks or even months to plan and secure permits (if applicable) before the first piece of equipment is moved. A good commercial kitchen remodel will solve problems and improve efficiency to ensure that your commercial operation is as profitable as possible.

Factors to Consider

These include, but are not limited to:

  • Purpose – Is the renovation going to improve efficiencies, functionality of the space, and/or refresh the look of the restaurant?
  • Layout – Will the footprint change to increase functionality?
  • Existing equipment like hoods, ranges, fryers, refrigerators, and/or walk-ins – Will these be re-used? Purchasing new appliances to upgrade?
  • Flooring – is the flooring going to be updated?
  • Temporary closure – Will the business temporarily close or stay open during the remodel?

When considering a complete re-design, it may be easier to remodel your business in phases to decrease “down time.” This approach requires careful planning to ensure plumbers, electricians, and other skilled trades people are ready to complete their phase of the re-model per a specific timeline. Go Pro Construction can schedule and coordinate project meetings for all trades people to attend in order to ensure everyone is on the same page.

Characteristics of a Good Commercial Kitchen Design

Most commercial kitchens need to have five (5) characteristics in order to operate successfully.

  • Spacious—The size of your commercial kitchen must accommodate the number of employees required to work in that space each shift. When determining the appropriate size of the commercial kitchen, businesses must take into account the number of employees anticipated in the future, not just the number current employees, leaving room for expansion.
  • Resourceful—Cabinets, countertops, and appliances that serve double purposes can help your business fit as much as possible into your commercial kitchen space. Resourcefulness is especially important for smaller footprints.
  • Meets health and safety standards. Health and safety are important for the protection of your employees, as well as your clients. Health and safety standards change with time, so many older kitchens sometimes must address new codes and standards in their remodels. In addition, many commercial kitchen owners choose to remodel to address safety challenges faced by employees, even if their kitchens are technically compliant with local codes.
  • Easy maintenance—Improving ease of maintenance can save your employees money and time, which enables your business to focus more on product improvement and other measures that can help your business grow.
  • Energy efficient—Using the most modern and energy-efficient appliances can help save your commercial kitchen money while also reducing your business’s carbon footprint. Having an “environmentally conscience business” is a strong selling-point for potential clients who prefer to support businesses that have committed themselves to “being green.”


Businesses that wish to take on a commercial kitchen remodel must first determine how much the renovation will cost to meet their goals. An initial consultation with Go Pro Construction is the first step in establishing a realistic budget to meet your goals. Once the business owner knows the approximate cost, financing can be secured.

Every commercial kitchen remodel has a unique scope of work, project timeline, and obstacles to overcome—which is why you need a contractor you can trust. At Go Pro Construction, we have decades of experience in commercial kitchen design and construction—from initial consultation to project completion.

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