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[tcb-script type=”text/javascript”](function ($) { “use strict”;$(document).ready(function() {$(‘.tcb-image-gallery .tcb-image-gallery-container’).addClass(‘slider-for’);duplicateContent();$(function () {SLIDE(“#gallery-1 .slider-for” , “#gallery-1 .slider-nav”);SLIDE(“#gallery-2 .slider-for” , “#gallery-2 .slider-nav”);});setPaddingTopTo60PercentOfWidth();});function duplicateContent() {// Select the element you want to duplicateconst content = $(‘.tcb-image-gallery-container’);content.each(function() {// Clone the elementconst clonedContent = $(this).clone();// Optionally, set a new class for the cloned elementclonedContent.attr(‘class’, ‘tcb-image-gallery-container slider-nav’);// Append the cloned element to the same parent element as the original$(this).parent().append(clonedContent);});}function SLIDE( parentID , childID ) {$(parentID).slick({slidesToShow: 1,slidesToScroll: 1,prevArrow: “<div class=’backUp’><i class=’fas fa-long-arrow-left’></i></div>”,nextArrow: “<div class=’nextUp’><i class=’fas fa-long-arrow-right’></i></div>”,fade: true,asNavFor: childID});$(childID).slick({slidesToShow: 4,slidesToScroll: 1,asNavFor: parentID,dots: false,focusOnSelect: true}); }function setPaddingTopTo60PercentOfWidth() {// Select the element you want to apply the padding toconst element = $(‘.tcb-image-gallery-container’);// Get the element’s widthconst width = element.width();// Calculate the padding-top value as 60% of the widthconst paddingTopValue = width * 0.6;// Set the padding-top value using the calculated paddingTopValue$(‘.slider-for .thrv_wrapper’).css(‘padding-top’, paddingTopValue + ‘px’);}})(jQuery);[/tcb-script]

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